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Classic works of art. The latest space images. Newspaper front pages from around the world. Recent comic strips and manga. National Parks. iEnvision was the iPhone's first Web-image browser, bringing images from the Web to your iPhone since day-one of the App Store. Full screen. Organized by subject. Pinch, flick, rotate. In automated slide shows or scrolling image arrays. One of the "Top 10 iPhone apps to show off with."

Browse works by hundreds of artists. View the latest photos from Mars. Check out your hometown newspaper's front page, or today's comics. Read a book to your kids. You can save any image to the Photo app, and view it in context right in the app. Want more? Just type in the subject you want to see. Trains? Cars? Automobiles? You can use advanced tools like iWeb, MobileMe and Envision for Macintosh to further organize and tune your lists.

iEnvision is also more than just a bunch of pretty pictures. It includes access to in-depth information on each topic, and even the ability to view certain topic locations in the Maps application. It's also the basis for our line of topic-specific "Envi" apps. Classic and modern art and architecture, hot sports cars, cool haircuts, outer space from planet Earth to the furthest reaches of the Hubble, the great outdoors, and lots of just plain fun. There's an Envi app for that!

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  iEnvision was one of the first iPhone and iPod Touch applications to hit the market.

This unique solution is not just a conversion of something you can find on other mobile phones and devices.

The application lets you view and organize web images of all kinds with full iPhone and iPod Touch capabilities including auto-rotation, flick, and pinch zoom. Use it on the go for...

Viewing Art
Comic Strips
Hobby Interests
Sports Pics
Proof Sheets
Science Images
Rock Stars
Family Photos

iEnvision allows you to add website images for viewing directly or using Apple's .Mac (now known as MobileMe) and Apple's iWeb.

You can also specify and tune access to your favorite sites using Envision software for the Macintosh to create your own show files.

Application Name: iEnvision

Application Version Number: 2.0

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