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Meet the We-Envision : iPhone Development Team

We-Envision.com is a unique iPhone development team/partnership between two long- term software developers located in Ashland, Oregon.

Open Door Networks

Open Door Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet solutions for Apple products.

Open Door was founded in 1995 by Alan Oppenheimer, co-creator of AppleTalk, the original network system for the Macintosh.

Open Door's mission is to provide Apple users with Internet solutions that are as easy-to-use and as powerful as the Apple products themselves.
The firm also developed Envision for the Macintosh, software which is the foundation of we-envision.com's first product, iEnvision.

Project A Inc.

Founded in 1990 by Jim Teece, Project A develops 100% database driven website solutions using Site-in-a-Box, it's award winning CMA system and Mission Critical Database Driven Departmental Solutions for Corporations Worldwide.

Project A brings scalable database driven website solutions expertise to the table, which is an important component in the iPhone Development Strategy.

Jim Teece also owns Ashland TV, Ashland's Cable TV provider, and is excited about the convergence opportunities of iPhone, Computer and Cable TV.


iEnvision is developed through partnership between OpenDoor Networks and Project A | If you have questions regarding the site, please contact the webmaster. | Terms of Use | Built using Project A's Site-in-a-Box ©1998-2008

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